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Mueller® PTape™

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  • PTape™Mueller® PTape™ is a rigid strapping tape with serrated edges for easy tearing.  Features
  • Helps provide support to weak or injured body parts, such as patella taping on a knee
  • Tape allows for strong pulling action and anchoring
  • Works great with Mueller ProStrips®

The NEW Mueller P Tape is a high quality Zinc Oxide Tape from Mueller.
This sports tape is made from Rayon which is a man made fabric (much stronger than traditional cotton tapes) covered with a zinc oxide adhesive.
The serrated edges allow the tape to be easily torn by hand allowing quick tearing when applying to ankles, shoulders etc and means you don’t have to use scissors.
The P part of the name implies that this very strong zinc oxide tape that can be used in combination with a fixation tape such as Mueller Pro Strips to realign the patella using the McConnell taping technique to reduce patellofemoral pain.

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